Recombinant Antigens

HIV1 gp41AE (Thailand type)

HIV1 gp41AE (Thailand type)
1Product overview
Protein type
 recombinant Ag
 Lateral flow, ELSA, Western blot
2Product specification
HostEscherichia coli
 > 95%
Molcular weight
 Liquid/10mM Carbonate buffer, 0.1% sodiumazide(NaN3), pH9.6
 > 3.0mg/ml
3Storage & Safety

* Short term storage : Store at 4℃ 

* Long term storage : Aliquot and store at below -20℃

* Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

4General information

CRF01_AE was first identified from 1989 in female sex workers in northern Thailand. 

In the following years, phylogenetic studies showed that CRF01_AE originated in Central Africa. Furthermore, the studies showed that the virus migrated to Thailand with transmission most likely occurring through heterosexual sex in 1970s. 

Subsequently, CRF01_AE established a large-scale epidemic in Southeast Asia, with a prevalence of 79% among HIV-1 infections, and became one of the successfully spreading recombinants. 

Currently, CRF01_AE has been reported in North America, Europe, Central and West Africa, Asia, and Australia and has formed a nearly global epidemic with viral strains.

Also the virus is estimated to have caused approximately 5% of global HIV-1 infections to date.

Gp41, known as glycoprotein 41, is a subunit of the envelope protein complex of retroviruses which includes human immunodefiiciency (HIV). 

Gp41 is transmembrane protein that contains several sites within its ectodomain that are required for infection of host cells. 

Due to its importance in host cell infection, it has also gained much attention as a potential target for HIV serological test for diagnosis.

This recombinant antigen was manufactured with one of epidemic strains in Thailand